Casket vs Coffin

Casket vs Coffin

You may never require to recognize that a casket and also a coffin are actually 2 various things. But if you instantly find yourself needing to pick in between a coffin or a casket for a funeral service, you'll want to know the difference.

What is the Difference Between ‘Coffin’ and ‘Casket’?
The most obvious difference is their appearance: coffins and caskets are shaped differently. Read on to learn more.


When most individuals imagine a funeral service, they see what's called a casket. Since a casket is used in the majority of funeral services in the United States, that's. For that reason, the distinction between 'casket' and 'coffin' is particularly vital for family members that stay in the United States.

A casket is a specially-designed box made to have a dead person's body. It's normally made use of during a funeral service for seeing the body. After that, if the family has passed by a cremation funeral, the casket having the body is lowered into the ground throughout the funeral ceremony.

If the family members have actually picked cremation for their loved one (or they have actually pre-arranged it themselves), the casket is not always buried. Often it may only be used for the visitation, wake, or viewing, in addition to the funeral service. Often a cremation container is positioned within the casket and also a casket is certainly hidden.

By now you ought to have a clear image of what a casket looks like. It's rectangular and typically features hinged bars on each side for bringing.


A coffin is also a specially designed box that holds a deceased person's body for a funeral service. Like a coffin, it may also be made use of for the viewing as well as funeral.

Yet below's the main distinction: coffins have six sides. That may be tough to picture. It might assist to think of an old movie you've seen, specifically a western. In movies set in the 1800s, you're most likely to see a coffin, not a casket, if there is a funeral scene.

In coffins, the top part of the box is larger than the all-time low.